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The Notion of Servant Leadership

Over the years I have been in many, many offices and have dealt with thousands of employees and hundreds of managers and owners. I have also served in vocational ministry in churches with hundreds of members and those with...

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A Lesson for Us All

Human nature is interesting, and predictable. Whether it is the ill-mannered musings of political personalities or news anchors’ inimicality, lately the worst of rudeness and incivility has been on full display. Words can do...

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The Lesson of Hands

Have you ever noticed that people are always looking for that special secret that will instantly change their lives and bring world peace, or whatever? I cannot tell you how many times I hear a commercial or a testimonial about...

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Where is Your Hiding Place?

The notion of having a hiding place or shelter is as old as mankind. Shelter, in fact, is one of the five “Basic Needs” of survival; air, water, food, shelter and sleep. As kids most of us played hide and seek. Though the games...

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What About Hoarding Disorder?

“Hoarding,” when you hear the word what do you think about? If you are like most Americans with cable TV you think of reality shows showing impossibly cluttered homes and desperately fragile people engaged in an emotional...

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