I would like to take a moment of your time and share with you a principle. We are all governed by principles or laws that are immutable if not subjected themselves to higher laws. These laws span the spectrum of physical disciplines including mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, etc. and spiritual disciplines such as philosophy, psychology and religion. We are all subject to laws even if we do not understand them, including spiritual laws. Many times the laws in one discipline are reflected in other disciplines. This is particularly true when contrasting physical laws with spiritual laws. The bible is full of these contrasting, yet instructive comparisons. I would like to posture a brief comparison of light and mold, both spiritual and physical.

I teach frequently. I am wrapping up my preparation for a new class I have written on  Mold is a Four Letter Word. Mold is such a volatile word with varying degrees of emotional responses. I cannot tell you how many times with my previous job I had calls from desperate people who said that they and their home were being affected by “black mold.”  Could I come help? It can be terrifying. There is a danger from high concentrations of mold. Out of the thousands upon thousands of varieties of mold clearly a percentage of them can affect humans. Black mold is very hard to grow requiring almost 100% humidity and a very particular organic food source. But it happens. Mildew mold is easy to grow. Just check your shower. But, other than a musty odor mildew is pretty much benign. But, it is still mold and should be cleaned. There are very precise ways to do this from cleaning with a solution that will kill the mold, spraying with a fungicide, encapsulation and/or removal, or burn your house down. A very favorably effective process for killing mold is to put it in the sun. Mold is tricky. It can look dead when it is only dormant. That is what affected the people that entered King Tut’s tomb. Mold spores that had been dormant for thousands of years (since the fourteenth century B.C.) became active again with the introduction of the two requirements for mold growth; moisture and organic food source. Amazing. Conclusions about physical mold; it is nasty stuff, it can affect your health,  it is all around us, there are many different kinds, ignoring it will not make it go away and there are effective ways to deal with it and ineffective ways.

Let me now shift and illustrate the spiritual parallel of mold; sin or failure. Just like mold there are also types of sin, it can lay dormant and then go into activity and it must be dealt with, not ignored. There are a myriad of ways people choose to deal with their sin, but only one is effective, light. You can pretend it is not there, but it is. In my own life and the lives of the many I have counseled I have discovered that there is only one way to deal with that secret issue down deep in your heart, bring it to the light. Every body has “pain points,” deep wounds, broken heartedness, temptation or failure. When failing to deal with these properly through forgiveness and release the dirty wound of bitterness will grow. It will begin slowly then ravage your life and the lives of others. How do you bring it to the light?, .  .  . confession and agreement. I have seen people find immediate freedom when, before God, and many times with an accountability partner, they bring what is hidden into the light. Word of caution, we are enjoined in scripture to confess our “faults” to each other, not the act of the sin itself. I have been personally overwhelmed by the details of sin shared with me by others. Your confession should be verbal and as wide as the knowledge of your sin. God is waiting to grant to you the forgiveness He made available on the cross. Receive His forgiveness. If you sin again confess again.  In my experience with hoarding disorder the singular most necessary yet difficult act that can open the door to lasting freedom is confession. What is it? What has you in it’s grip? What is lying there in your heart like a ticking time bomb? What ever it is—-bring it to the light!