Here is a sample of some of my workshops:

  • Basic workshop on Hoarding Disorder
  • The Process of Hoarding Resolution
  • Train Volunteers in the Protocols of Hoarding Resolution
  • Freedom from Torment Seminar (Faith-Based)
  • Hope for the Hoarder Workshop (Faith-Based)
  • God’s Prescription for Wholeness (Faith-Based)
  • Restoration Workshop (Faith-Based)

All workshops are upbeat and take a restorative approach. Each session lasts three hours, but can be altered to fit a particular need such as splitting a it into two parts such as on a Friday night and continue on a Saturday morning. Mr. Sutton also has shorter presentations for group or church service settings. Most presentations use multimedia and require suitable projection set up. If Mr. Sutton drives he can bring the equipment. Right now these workshops are on weekends only.

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